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Property corner location surveys
     When a land owner wants to know where the property corners are of their existing parcel, or of a parcel they are looking to purchase, they would ask a surveyor to "locate the property corners" first.
     Surveyors use a special type of metal locating device that only picks up ferrous metals, such as iron and steel, which are usually what is set to delineate the property corners.  These metal locators ignore all other types of metals, greatly enhancing the ability to find only the property corners, and not every piece of metal on the property.
     If the property corners are locatable, then the surveyor will drive a 48" wooden lath next to the corner pins, and put flagging on the top of the lath to aid the property owner in finding the corners after the surveyor leaves.
     But, if one or more of the property corners cannot be located, then the property owner has the right to request to have a boundary line retracement survey performed to establish the location of the missing corners.
     The property corner location survey is much cheaper than a boundary line retracement survey, so be advised that you will probably ask for the property corner location survey first, then if one or more of the property corners cannot be found, the owner can request the more exspnsive boundary line retracement survey to establish the missing corner(s).