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Lot Splits
     Lot splits are for when you own a large parcel of land, and you wish to subdivide that parcel into many smaller parcels of land, usually to sell off those parcels, you would need a lot split survey.
     The surveyor would survey the land to know exactly how much land is available to be split, then he would apply local zoning ordinances, city, county, and state laws that apply, to determine the size and number of lots that can be legally created.  Then he would write a deed for each individual parcel, and draw a plat map showing all the parcels to be created.
     After that, the surveyor would deliver the deeds and the plat map to the respective offices in the jurisdictional area for approval.  Once approval has been granted, then the surveyor would hand over the deeds and the plat map to the owner for recording in the county recorder's office.